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Where you work has a profound effect upon what you do there, and a well-designed physical workspace enhances personal satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity. Consoles and technical furniture create the working environment in control rooms for broadcasting, traffic and energy control, the space program, and many other applications. We specialize in designing consoles and monitor walls for video and television broadcasting, to create environments which support excellence in the important work of content development and program distribution. 



Project News

Practical 3D Printing

At Eastboard, we’ve added two 3D-printed plastic parts to our RACKBLOCKS consoles; these simple components have upgraded and simplified the assembly process, while also improving the strength and appearance of our consoles. We’re producing these in-house, on an as-needed basis. The ability to make small-batch, end-use parts, without up-front tooling costs, is still kind of amazing. And having the relatively …

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Schottenstein Center at OSU

The Jerome Schottenstein Center at Ohio State is the well-known local home to sporting events, concerts, and a wide variety of family shows and touring productions. This complete renovation has made the control room a true state-of-the-art facility. The room now includes two slightly modified RACKBLOCKS consoles; a 9BAY front console with an extended switcher position, and a 7BAY rear …

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