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Eastboard has been selected to outfit the newest radio studio at WEOS with a customized on-air desk. Our curved design elegantly fits the host and four guests into a control room adjacent to the student union, and visible through a large window. The wide, sweeping surfaces provide ample work areas for host and guests, with convenient, integrated power and data ports topside. At our client’s request, we also developed a means for easily upgrading the audio board at a later date, by simply replacing a section of the desk, leaving the rest intact, providing a measure of future-proofing.

Some parts of this desk will be 3D-printed. There’s several small equipment turrets included, which are small enough to be somewhat difficult to manufacture using traditional woodworking materials and methods. Our printer’s capacity would not allow us to print the entire enclosure, however, a single complex side panel fits just fine. They’re being made from Black ABS with assembly pins already formed in place, to join together with simple flat connecting pieces; we’ve just finished the first production piece.

The new room’s operational target date is late June.

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