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Eastboard’s purposeful and elegant consoles elevate control room environments; our designs combine user-first ergonomics with extensive practical knowledge to create workstations where everyone does their best work. Comfortable workspaces enhance efficiency, productivity, and personal satisfaction.

Our consoles provide convenient, ample access to equipment and cabling, simplifying integration and maintenance. Passive ventilation systems cool the electronics, while our patented Brush Grommet keeps wires organized and within easy reach.

Eastboard applies 45+ years of refined expertise on every project, to create consoles and control rooms which fulfill our clients’ utmost visions for their new facility. We’re eager to work with you, and make building your next project a memorable, winning experience for all


Project News

WJZ Baltimore MD

One of our long-time clients, WJZ, recently came to Eastboard with an unusual request for the configuration of their new Sony production control room: they asked to outboard the switcher and audio boards, and mount them on moveable desks, located on either side of the directors’ position. The designated room had legacy raised floors, with steps at the doorways, which

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WLII TeleOnce

Courtesy of our longtime client in Puerto Rico, RGB Broadcast, here’s a view we rarely get to see: the happy crew at TeleOnce TV enjoying our RACKBLOCKS consoles in their new PCR…! Eastboard and RGB have worked together for 25 years, building out Puerto Rico’s broadcasting infrastructure, and in this project, we turned a small space into TeleOnce’s new

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