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Courtesy of our longtime client in Puerto Rico, RGB Broadcast, here’s a view we rarely get to see: the happy crew at TeleOnce TV enjoying our RACKBLOCKS consoles in their new PCR…! Eastboard and RGB have worked together for 25 years, building out Puerto Rico’s broadcasting infrastructure, and in this project, we turned a small space into TeleOnce’s new production and audio control rooms. Clearances were tight – in audio, the baseboards even had to be removed for equipment and desking to fit…! Overall, the ability to easily customize RACKBLOCKS components allowed us to meet the space constraints, while still satisfying ADA requirements.

This project included a nine-bay forward console with custom switcher mount, an eight-bay rear console with inset CCU panels, and a custom, slim width, two-bay RACKBLOCKS console in audio. All equipment bays were outfitted with 8RU base racks, and special extra-tall 9RU equipment turrets housed local monitoring. Worksurfaces were designed with the minimum workable depth, to further reduce the consoles’ depth, and allow everything to fit.

Representatives from RGB and the station traveled to our shop to inspect and approve the furniture prior to shipment, and to rehearse the assembly process. Thanks to our excellent crating team, the shipment arrived in Puerto Rico with everything in perfect condition, and thorough instructions made unpacking, installation, and integration of the consoles easy for RGB staff, and made for a very happy staff at WLII.

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