KFOR in Oklahoma City, OK recently upgraded their facility by adding a wing to their existing building, creating four new control rooms and the DTV technical core. Our RACKBLOCKS in-line consoles, expanded with coordinated switcher workstations, outfitted the two large production control rooms.

In master control, a slightly curved console, formed by combining angled wedges with 2BAY RACKBLOCKS frames, positioned all equipment within easy reach. The audio control workstation required custom design and engineering to support the mammoth audio board, while still maintaining open span legroom below; it’s topped off (literally…) with an enormous one-piece worksurface.

As our client’s plans developed, the adaptability and modular design of RACKBLOCKS consoles allowed for easy configuration changes and quickly determining budgetary impacts; throughout the process, continuously-updated renderings clearly illustrated different layouts for review and evaluation.

To accommodate KFOR’s procurement and building schedules, we completed, packaged, and stored the consoles for several months, until the new wing’s control rooms were ready for occupancy; we then had everything delivered and our staff arrived to perform the installation. At Eastboard, we’re eager to work with you to design and build the control room of your dreams. 



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