‘Cause everybody likes to play with blocks.


Our modular RACKBLOCKS system offers customizable console solutions that easily adapt to any layout or length. Built on sturdy aluminum and steel frames, once the core frames are assembled, and the worksurfaces attached, equipment turrets and base racks can then be repositioned without tools, facilitating swift rearrangements and upgrades. Worksurfaces can be finished with high-pressure laminates, solidsurface materials, and phenolics; we’re certified Richlite© fabricators. RACKBLOCKS consoles are ADA-compliant, and designed according to the latest ergonomic standards. Installing RACKBLOCKS is a wise long-term investment, because they and can so easily be disassembled and reconfigured to meet evolving operational requirements; we can provide any additional components needed. Contact us today and enhance your workspace with the RACKBLOCKS console system.


Console system elements

The RACKBLOCKS system is designed for customer assembly; each order includes the only specialty tool required, a hex balldriver, for the core frame assembly. Watch how easily a RACKBLOCKS console goes together:



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