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WJZ Baltimore MD

Posted on: May 27th, 2024 by Steve Goldberg No Comments

One of our long-time clients, WJZ, recently came to Eastboard with an unusual request for the configuration of their new Sony production control room: they asked to outboard the switcher and audio boards, and mount them on moveable desks, located on either side of the directors’ position. The designated room had legacy raised floors, with steps at the doorways, which left very few locations wherein all the furniture pieces would fit, and allow the desired freedom of movement. Similarly, the room’s ceiling had lowered sections, which dictated the position and size of the monitor wall. By working carefully within these constraints, we were able to customize our RACKBLOCKS console system to deliver a control room design which exceeded our client’s expectations, and brought their vision to life.

WLII TeleOnce

Posted on: February 14th, 2024 by Steve Goldberg No Comments

Courtesy of our longtime client in Puerto Rico, RGB Broadcast, here’s a view we rarely get to see: the happy crew at TeleOnce TV enjoying our RACKBLOCKS consoles in their new PCR…! Eastboard and RGB have worked together for 25 years, building out Puerto Rico’s broadcasting infrastructure, and in this project, we turned a small space into TeleOnce’s new production and audio control rooms. Clearances were tight – in audio, the baseboards even had to be removed for equipment and desking to fit…! Overall, the ability to easily customize RACKBLOCKS components allowed us to meet the space constraints, while still satisfying ADA requirements.

This project included a nine-bay forward console with custom switcher mount, an eight-bay rear console with inset CCU panels, and a custom, slim width, two-bay RACKBLOCKS console in audio. All equipment bays were outfitted with 8RU base racks, and special extra-tall 9RU equipment turrets housed local monitoring. Worksurfaces were designed with the minimum workable depth, to further reduce the consoles’ depth, and allow everything to fit.

Representatives from RGB and the station traveled to our shop to inspect and approve the furniture prior to shipment, and to rehearse the assembly process. Thanks to our excellent crating team, the shipment arrived in Puerto Rico with everything in perfect condition, and thorough instructions made unpacking, installation, and integration of the consoles easy for RGB staff, and made for a very happy staff at WLII.

Practical 3D Printing

Posted on: February 27th, 2020 by Steve Goldberg No Comments

At Eastboard, we’ve added two 3D-printed plastic parts to our RACKBLOCKS consoles; these simple components have upgraded and simplified the assembly process, while also improving the strength and appearance of our consoles. We’re producing these in-house, on an as-needed basis. The ability to make small-batch, end-use parts, without up-front tooling costs, is still kind of amazing. And having the relatively instantaneous feedback about design iterations helps produce better parts. We’re not printing entire consoles – yet – but 3D printing has already solved some of our manufacturing concerns, and the as-yet undiscovered future applications seem endless. Every shop should have a 3D printer.

The first new part (above) is one that’s not even visible after assembly! On RACKBLOCKS console frames, our standard monitor arms are mounted to T-slot tracks. But there’s a conflict: the arm mounting cups are recessed to fit 3/8” hex head bolts, and our track system uses M8 fasteners. The metric hex heads are slightly smaller enough that the bolt heads rotate freely and don’t grip the recess, which required a cumbersome installation method. There had to be a better way. So I designed a thin hex adapter sleeve (0.03” wall) to convert the SAE recess to metric; the M8 bolts now fit tightly. These simple parts each use just ½ gram (about $0.02),of PLA, a reliable, easy-to-print, hard plastic, perfect for this application; no need for exotic filaments. They’re quick to print, too; A batch of 12 took just under 2 hours, and they were usable right off the printer. Out of sight, but definitely not out of mind.

The second part (below) is a backplate for bolting power strips to the rails of the cableway in our RACKBLOCKS consoles. Although a very simple fitment, there was nothing commercially available, so we had improvised an attachment method. But there had to be a better way – and 3D printing was that way. We now have exactly the part needed, which functions better and looks more finished than the old method. We used PLA again, despite having stronger, carbon-fiber filled PETG available. Ease of printing is always a factor, and impregnated plastics generally require more attention; the carbon-fiber filled filaments especially, chew up and clog standard brass nozzles; they print best through steel nozzles with larger diameters. Since nozzle changes are time-consuming and unwelcome, and we’re aiming for simple, reliable production here, we just made the backplates thicker to add strength. Even so, each part requires only 10 grams of material (about $0.40), and takes just 22 minutes to print. And they get the job done in style.





Schottenstein Center at OSU

Posted on: February 18th, 2020 by Steve Goldberg No Comments

The Jerome Schottenstein Center at Ohio State is the well-known local home to sporting events, concerts, and a wide variety of family shows and touring productions. This complete renovation has made the control room a true state-of-the-art facility. The room now includes two slightly modified RACKBLOCKS consoles; a 9BAY front console with an extended switcher position, and a 7BAY rear console with the audio board recessed into the worksurface. Our new consoles and the updated equipment dramatically improved the production team’s capabilities, and the modular design of RACKBLOCKS components makes changing positions as easy as swapping equipment turrets and filler panels (tool-free…), if ever, whenever needed, in the future. And RACKBLOCKS’ low pricing helped keep the project within budget. These room-at-work images were generously provided by the production staff at OSU. Love the chairs…!


Posted on: July 31st, 2018 by Steve Goldberg No Comments

Eastboard Consoles takes it to the edge!

The INLINER bullnose connector is our proprietary, exclusive design, invented here. We 3D printed the final version in house, using PETG with 20% carbon-fiber content, to produce a strong, end-use part. We then used the INLINER connector immediately, on our next project (shown below).

The INLINER fits tightly into and between nosings on adjoining worksurface sections, forcing an alignment from the inside, and creating an almost imperceptible seam. And by preventing future movement, the EBC INLINER will help maintain that alignment indefinitely. Download the datasheet today, for more details.




Posted on: April 9th, 2018 by Steve Goldberg No Comments

Our new standard console line, RACKBLOCKS:ELEMENTS, debuts with three popular straight-line models, in 4-bay, 5-bay, and 6-bay lengths, perfectly-sized for standalone positions, small control rooms, and security desks; workspaces can also be expanded by combining consoles. Each easily-assembled unit features enclosed bases with wireways, outlet strips, and sliding access panels. All equipment turrets, base racks, and monitor arms are included, so you’re ready for integration immediately after assembly. :ELEMENTS consoles are finished in either grey or black panels, with high-pressure laminated worksurfaces in a wide selection of colors. Assembled consoles meet ADA and ANSI workstation requirements. Contact us today for pricing and custom configuration options.




Jazz At Lincoln Center

Posted on: April 9th, 2018 by Steve Goldberg No Comments

Working with Sirius XM, Eastboard Consoles designed, fabricated, and installed new control room furniture at the Jazz At Lincoln Center facility in New York. This renovation of four combination production / on-air studios took place sequentially, with our staff installing one room about every two weeks, depending upon our client’s changing schedule. Design development relied extensively on 3D modeling and rendering, and required several design iterations to arrive at the final size and shape layouts, while allowing for ADA clearances. Sample renderings illustrated different metal laminate options for the cabinetry bases.




Posted on: February 13th, 2018 by Steve Goldberg No Comments

KFOR in Oklahoma City, OK recently upgraded their facility by adding a wing to their existing building, creating four new control rooms and the DTV technical core. Our RACKBLOCKS in-line consoles, expanded with coordinated switcher workstations, outfitted the two large production control rooms.

In master control, a slightly curved console, formed by combining angled wedges with 2BAY RACKBLOCKS frames, positioned all equipment within easy reach. The audio control workstation required custom design and engineering to support the mammoth audio board, while still maintaining open span legroom below; it’s topped off (literally…) with an enormous one-piece worksurface.

As our client’s plans developed, the adaptability and modular design of RACKBLOCKS consoles allowed for easy configuration changes and quickly determining budgetary impacts; throughout the process, continuously-updated renderings clearly illustrated different layouts for review and evaluation.

To accommodate KFOR’s procurement and building schedules, we completed, packaged, and stored the consoles for several months, until the new wing’s control rooms were ready for occupancy; we then had everything delivered and our staff arrived to perform the installation. At Eastboard, we’re eager to work with you to design and build the control room of your dreams. 



Media Arts Production Studio

Posted on: November 16th, 2017 by Steve Goldberg No Comments

In Wichita Falls, TX, the media department of Midwestern State University’s new Fine Arts building now includes a complete video production facility for teaching and preparing university media projects. This control room features two RACKBLOCKS consoles: a 9BAY, “L”-shaped front console with a custom switcher frame, and a 7BAY straight rear console with a matching 16RU equipment rack positioned alongside. The rear console also includes a small monitor wall frame, which supports a 30” LCD and swivel-mounted speakers, for local monitoring; our extrusion-based RACKBLOCKS system provides the capability of easily adding new elements.

Black cabinetry with worksurfaces finished in Titanium EV laminate created this sleek, trim appearance. 

Contact Eastboard today, and let’s get your next project underway…!


On-Air Assignment Desk

Posted on: November 16th, 2017 by Steve Goldberg No Comments

For the flagship station of this major east coast network, Eastboard Consoles recently designed and built a fully-functional newsroom Assignment Desk, the centerpiece of the station’s unique on-air news set. Comprised of two large, dual-sided, mirror-image workstations, this desk combines the critical operational elements required by daily news operations with the aesthetics and quality necessary in sets for today’s high-definition broadcasting. Special features include wrap-around, curved solid-surface worksurfaces, inside and out, and matching cabinetry with interior wireways, aluminum monitor arm mounting tracks, and reconfigurable equipment turrets and filler panels on the desktop. Our design studies guided the project’s development and finish selections, as visualized through extensive 3D models and renderings.

KFOR Oklahoma City

Posted on: August 26th, 2016 by Steve Goldberg No Comments


Eastboard has been selected to provide production, master control, and audio consoles for Tribune’s KFOR. Working closely with station staff early on, we designed custom switcher workstations and other cabinetry for the new building, fitted to our RACKBLOCKS system consoles, and were able to meet budgetary requirements. Plus, the ability to easily reconfigure the equipment layouts, or add new components as needed, will greatly extend the useful life of these consoles, and the control rooms, as requirements and equipment changes over time.

WIPM Puerto Rico

Posted on: August 26th, 2016 by Steve Goldberg No Comments


Continuing our work with broadcasters in Puerto Rico, Eastboard Consoles has been awarded the contract to outfit the new production control room at WIPM, the national public television station, with RACKBLOCKS system consoles and a custom modular audio desk. Pre-fitted components and complete video instructions make it easy and simple for station staff to assemble the furniture and proceed with integration. 

WEOS Design

Posted on: May 14th, 2015 by Steve Goldberg No Comments


click for larger image

Eastboard has been selected to outfit the newest radio studio at WEOS with a customized on-air desk. Our curved design elegantly fits the host and four guests into a control room adjacent to the student union, and visible through a large window. The wide, sweeping surfaces provide ample work areas for host and guests, with convenient, integrated power and data ports topside. At our client’s request, we also developed a means for easily upgrading the audio board at a later date, by simply replacing a section of the desk, leaving the rest intact, providing a measure of future-proofing.

Some parts of this desk will be 3D-printed. There’s several small equipment turrets included, which are small enough to be somewhat difficult to manufacture using traditional woodworking materials and methods. Our printer’s capacity would not allow us to print the entire enclosure, however, a single complex side panel fits just fine. They’re being made from Black ABS with assembly pins already formed in place, to join together with simple flat connecting pieces; we’ve just finished the first production piece.

The new room’s operational target date is late June.


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Working under a very fast-paced timeline, Eastboard Consoles recently completed the new production control room for WTTV in Indianapolis. By utilizing our RACKBLOCKS© modular console system, we were able to take the project from first contact to a completed installation in just under four weeks, an exceptionally quick turnaround for a multiple-console control room. All consoles were fully outfitted with track-mounted monitor arms, including our unique double-monitor arms, and internal power strips, and were immediately ready for integration; by the time we returned for the second day’s installation, the engineers had much of the equipment already working…! This state-of-the-art facility went live on January 1st.

When the crunch is on, Eastboard can meet even the most demanding schedules, even those with seemingly “impossible” deadlines, and provide our part of the control room equation. And when ergonomics-first technical furniture seamlessly and smoothly connects people with their equipment, everyone wins. Our consoles integrate engineering with aesthetics to create comfortable and convenient work spaces, while following ADA standards. It’s been proven that in human-centric environments, people actually work easier and more effectively; we’re dedicated to creating that kind of workplace on each and every project.


Posted on: February 4th, 2014 by Jay Valinis No Comments

Seattle WA

Ignite Control Room



Shown here in a design rendering, this new Ignite control room for KIRO mimics the room we designed, built, and installed at sister station WFTV in Orlando FL. This one has a mirror-image layout, a longer rear console, and the same five-panel, pivoting monitor wall that allows for precise adjustment of viewing angles. The interchangeable, easily movable elements of RACKBLOCKS© provide the flexibility to modify the consoles later, as needs may change. All the consoles and the monitor wall hav¬e slotted tracks throughout, to mount monitor arms or other accessories, internal cable management, and fully enclosed bases.

We also provided many custom touches on this project, such as a recessed Vinten controller, angled so that the top of the joystick was just below counter level. Since the room was under renovation, we worked exclusively from the architectural plans to determine the ADA clearances and maximum console sizes, and used 3D modeling to illustrate the layouts. KIRO’s new Ignite control room will be operational in the spring of 2014.


Posted on: February 3rd, 2014 by Jay Valinis No Comments

Charlotte NC

Digital Newsroom


1448 roomview-07

For this project, we expanded our exclusive, two-sided newsroom workstation design from sister station WFTV’s project, by adding a second row of equipment turrets along the workstation’s outer face. Editors and producers sit facing one another, separated by a three-track-wide, T-slot mounting rail, so that monitor arms can be positioned wherever desired, with monitors facing in either direction, leaving one track available to attach privacy screens or other accessories. Two of these 30–long workstations anchored WSOC’s new digital newsroom, each with removable, swappable equipment turrets that preparing the consoles for any future changes. Recessed power strips and dual internal cableways keep all connections organized and accessible. We built and installed a total of twelve custom consoles, including production and reporter’s pods, a web media workstation, and a bi-level, multi-curved Assignment Desk. Developing and producing these complex designs relied heavily on the use of 3D modeling and rendering, for space planning, client visualization, and manufacturing support. Operations began from the renovated newsroom in early 2014.

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